August 2, 2012

seventh heaven.

contrary to what the majority of the human population thinks, acts of kindness (especially the little, hardly noticeable ones) still do grace the world and fills it with warmth. i see them everywhere while spending my days in the city; a man offering his seat to an elderly man in the train, passers-by stopping to appreciate the mellifluous music of buskers in the station, students helping the blind cross busy streets, among others.

most acts of kindness are between people but perhaps, the greatest acts of kindness are the ones that you do for yourself, (setting yourself free from the torture of loving another from afar or cherishing being vulnerable) because if you can't help yourself, you sure can't help anybody else.


Anita said...

"Keep calm and take photo" = perfect! The first photo is amazing, it reminds me of those tumblr ones :)

v said...

I hope this doesn't sound too 'fan-girl-ish' (hahaha, though who cares if it does, right?), but every time I see that you have a new post, it makes me really happy and want to see it immediately. :)

I absolutely completely totally love(!) the words you wrote! They are so true.
There was this one time where I followed my mum to the market one rainy morning, and at a vegetable store, I saw this Indian lady choosing some cucumbers or something. I had an umbrella as I stood there waiting for my mum, but that lady didn't, so I reached out half of my umbrella to shelter her. She looked up and then kept on thanking me -it was such a beautiful little moment and it made my day. I told my mum about it too later and she said that it probably made that lady's day too. And I thought of this quote I'd read before: 'When one person give, two receive' and how true it was.

And haha, sorry, it wasn't my intention to spam your comments or anything. I would've made that into my own blogpost or something, except that I haven't and I just wanted to share it with you :)

Hope your days are lovely ones! xx

Yernie Yip said...

I love picture number 5 and 6 so so very much! Also, have i ever told you how much i love your writing? Wish i could write like you :)

Regina Leah said...

Your writing is heart-warming and so true.
And your words are an act of kindness themsevles because you remember all of us to take your advice to heart and incorporate it into our everyday lives.
My hope is that someday, such acts of kindness are not an exception anymore but completely self-evident.

Li Ting said...

Love ur photos, there are really good quality .