July 29, 2012

Midsummer Masquerade 2012


sometimes, i think that moments like these are what memories are truly made of. to be together and a part of and at the same time, apart from everyone else you've known for half a year, three months, a week, a few days and even a few hours.

i think that no matter how much i tell myself that i won't miss it, college and its people tend to grow on me and me, on them, just like everything else i've come across from then till now and then till the day i am old and greying and forgetful. and only then will i know what it's like to be truly, utterly, completely thankful for photographs that make me remember.


Jane said...

Wow this looks like great fun! I can't say I've been to something like this before. I love your cat costume, haha.

Natalie Suarez said...

wow! stunning photography! i'd comment here anyday heheheh :)

you're so sweet! keep in touch!

natalie suarez

tee+fame said...

Amazing snaps! Love everyone's costumes, looks like a truly memorable night :)

x Stace

Dark Blue Stripes said...

Cool shots. Love the costumes.

Christie x

Dark Blue Stripes

his little lady said...

how beautiful are these photographs?! the yoda mask is definitely my favorite ;)
xo TJ

Maria Chloe said...

Looks like so much fun!(:

galatea. said...

wow these are amazing photographs! i really wish i was there with you! looks like so much fun. really happy to see that you have such wonderful friends that love you xx

Fransisca Angela said...

Looks like a really great celebration to remember! I feel the same way as you too, that's why I tend to photographs every moment in my life. Have a wonderful day Tasha!