September 7, 2012


hello lovelies! :) some of my work has been featured in two magazines recently, namely Femme and Atlas Magazine! please do give these magazines a visit, i promise they're worth your time! there is countless incredible and inspiring work by such wonderful artists all over the world featured in these magazines. <3 br="br">


by far, one of the loveliest baby girls i've photographed. she's also one of those i feel most attached to. :)

my new top from Pestle & Mortar :)


putri soe said...

i LOVE your porto on 500px! your photos make me smile--think i'm gonna try one myself.

Thanks for sharing (:

Putri Soe

Louise said...

This post reminds me to be happy. I love these shots, and how ikea looks like ikea everywhere in the world.

I also really like the quote you photographed. I'll work on that this year.

Lovely photos as always Tasha!

Macha said...

ooh how lovely is this girl! happy to see you with this bright smile and congratulations for your publications !! well deserved. =)
loved the portfolio too, even though I don't have the time to watch it all, I'll come back ;)
oh and thank you for your lovely words again!

Fransisca Angela said...

These are such a really lovely photographs & congratulations to be featured on that two magazines. I've heard about Femme :)
The B&W picture of a girl with her ice cream is my fav! Have a wonderful day :)

Jane said...

Congrats on getting featured! Those are lovely magazines. Haha I didn't realise your full first name was Natasha!

Yernie Yip said...

You look so happy in your b/w self portrait, it makes me so happy :D Hehe. Craving for some ikea meatballs now :( And i'm in love with that song in your previous post!

Kasia Skowron said...

the first one is marvelous
and i really love your selfportrait.

Rebecca Miriam said...

i love your header, your blog is amazing!
I’m having a blogpresentation on my blog, I’d be delighted if you’d participate!

xx, rebecca

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

adorable photos! they are gorgeous and have such a lovely quality to them. x E

Clara Turbay said...

Great ideas and funny style.

Lucija said...

I think your blog is very sophisticated and chic - that's why I check out every post and am subscribed!
maybe we can now follow each other? <3


marion cbs said...

Congratulations for your publications!!! This is so cool. :)

stefanie said...

these pictures are so lively! i love the last one of you, hotttiee