December 21, 2012

week of friends.

 those eyes :3

 we were at the fun fair, but not quite
we left about 5 minutes after arriving there because there was literally nobody there (except for those who work there) and the thought of a near-empty fun fair scared us

 chocolate torte!
 my first time having some profiteroles!
 (indeed i would)
 my gorgeous friend whom i've not seen in 3 years!
 we had brunch at a beautiful new restaurant called Wondermama!
 Malayan Eggs Benedict

 beef bacon & chocolate icecream

this past week has been so much fun! :) i met with my best friends, long lost friends, new friends and musician friends. it has been so tiring but i am feeling the happiest i've ever been in a long while! i imagine this is what the holidays should truly feel like; adventures, fun, thrills and love.

also, i had a shoot with the lovely and beautiful Sue Lyn of TWIST CHIC a couple of days ago! i was so glad to finally be able to meet her after wanting to for so long now. so keep your eyes peeled for my next post featuring the photos from our shoot! ;)


Farrah said...

Beautiful photos especially the last one the sky looks so beautiful!!

Nanna said...

great photos..... like always <3
i loved especially the three first pictures :)

Dilan Dilir said...

the photos are wonderful:)

Jada said...

Looks like a lot of smiles :)

kimi said...

lovely photos! I love those kinds of weeks - I hope I can do the same soon too! it looks like you have had some wonderful adventures! I am looking forward to your post with twist chic :) x

Fransisca Angela said...

The title of this post somehow makes me smile. There's absolutely nothing more wonderful than having your friends around :)

Beautiful photographs as always, Tasha!
I can't wait for the photographs from your session with that beautiful fashion blogger.

Macha said...

what a lovely week and lovely cat!
you seem to have had a great time, and I'm still in love with your everyday life photographs

Sydney L. said...

beautiful shots :)
the photo of the little boy and his family is my fave!

Rita Scamander said...
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Rita Scamander said...

Really good photos. Congrats, The Remembrall :)

Yernie Yip said...

Wondermama at bangsar village? Aaah you made everything look so good, it's torture to look at your photos. Especially those profiteroles. Can't wait to see photos of Sue Lyn, she's so pretty and you're so talented hehe

Diary Of Young Parents Moments Of Life * said...

Tasha beautifully,,, beautiful pictures and interesting blog,,,, also invited me to tag along and tracking,,, greetings from Spain