March 16, 2013


N°2 on flickr
this image and "silence in between" are part of an ongoing series, "a longing to be completed" inspired by the film "Stoker". :) check out the Flickr set here.

these are the images from this week that i've created! :) i'm particularly fond of the third one despite its flaws.
since i've started going in a different direction in photography, i've been spending more time on a single image instead of just a few minutes on dozens of images like how i used to. this change in my creating process somewhat surprises me and in a good way too, i feel a deeper sense of contentment in everything i've created this year so far. i'm not quite sure how to categorize my recent images but i'll go with fine art/conceptual, it can take as little time as 2 hours to as much as a few days for me to come up with a final image of what i had in mind. these photographs stem from an idea, a thought or a concept that has a significance to me and i want so badly to be able to create the image exactly or as close to as what i see in my mind. everytime that i finally get an image that i'm happiest with,  i am filled with happiness and warmth (and fuzziness) inside.
i think these images make me feel most satisfied, proud and happy than i've ever been able to feel with my photography. i feel more in tune with my emotions and it encourages me to create to how i feel and also helps ease my cluttered mind a little. i hope that all of you would love, enjoy and appreciate my work now more than ever before because i think that these images of mine are some of the most meaningful and sincere than anything i've ever done before. for all of this, i have endless inspiration from photographers and Flickr that have kept me going.
i'm at a very good place with photography right now (knock on wood) and i am so in love with learning and gaining a better, deeper understanding of conceptual photography.


Yernie Yip said...

All three are so so so so beautiful! This is definitely my favourite post of yours :)

Dilan Dilir said...

wow , such beautiful photos!

Mollie said...

I absolutely adore the first image, the colour of the glitter (gorgeous!) and the matching purple toned background is so lovely!

Jane said...

I love that third one, the reflection is so nice. Good to hear you're in a good place creatively right now!

kimberley hill said...

beautiful work tasha! I really love this series of self-portraits, what a lovely way to explore concepts close to your heart ♥

Macha said...

I'm in love with the colours and your eyes on the first one. So, so sweet.
And the third is perfect. The movement of you dress and the reflection in the puddle, the trees, the three birds flying behind, and the lovely feathers.
You're really talented my dear tasha :)

Tallia said...

I love the last picture! THe reflection of the dress is just perfection

HighlandFling said...

I love all of these, but my favourite is the first one too. I am a sucker for glitter and I love everything about that picture!

E x

little henry lee said...

that's a great attitude to have towards photography, especially if you're getting really serious with it - if you want to be an artist it's not as easy and taking a quick photo just like it's not easy to create a quick sculpture or painting, so congrats on creating things you're really proud of. :)

little henry lee