March 10, 2013

strangers we meet ep. 1

this is a project that my friend, April, and i have been working on and we are so glad and excited to be able to share it already! we hope that this fills you with unimaginable and unexplainable inspiration like it did us and that it may cheer you up and make you smile, even if just for awhile. :)

"Strangers We Meet is a series of short films that features people I have never met before, who are unknown to me, some whose names I don't even know, all asked to answer the same question. These scenes were filmed undirected, unplanned, unscripted and are arbitrary answers. These are real people, expressing real thoughts and feelings."

(photos by me, video + editing by the very talented April.)

"what is love?"

"wait, let me phrase this properly before my wife finds out about this one."
"love really is about understanding. it's about understanding one another, and accepting faults and flaws and seeing the bigger picture and working towards it as a team (for a common goal)."

(left) "well personally, i believe love is unconditional and that encompasses a lot of areas. and i mean unconditional, it means giving love where love isn't deserved and i think that speaks for itself."

(right) "love for me is being part of something bigger, like if you love someone then you're part of one as a whole.. or if you love something, it's your passion then you belong to a group and you're being part of it as a whole."

"my parents, my late parents."
"and girls." (laughs) 
"your biggest purpose of life."

"love is love, something that you don't actually say but you feel it."
"my definition of love; you don't say it all the time but somehow the other person can feel it."

"well it's a feeling, obviously. i think it's very subjective, depends on each individual, they have a different meaning on what love is."
"some would relate it to - most would relate it to people, some maybe to things, to animals, stuff like that, but yeah i mean it's a feeling, it's an intense feeling, but it's subjective."
"art... my love and passion mostly revolves around art."

"( i think that i'm a person who has a lot of love inside."
"love is friendship, love is relationships that you create between humans."
"hip-hop. i love hip-hop, hip-hop. hip-hop is my life."
"if i have love towards someone, i would appreciate that person and i would..." (gets distracted, hahaha. this guy cracked us up the most because he was just all over the map! :D)


Kasia Skowron said...

that is so amazing!! great concept, immortal question and marvelous photos. and you lovely Teddy Bear <3

Jane said...

I cna't watch the video, something about privacy settings? :( But this is an amazing idea, Tasha! I love it. I once thought about doing the 100 strangers photography project but I can't bring myself to approach people.

April Tho said...

Not too sure why some aren't able to watch the video ): but do hop over to or to watch it! And maybe leave a comment telling us what love to you is :) have a lovely day!

stephanie thy. said...

i remember the video didn't work before but thank goodness you fixed it. this is very inspirational (and what a thought provoking question!)
i love all the different answers

ps. loving everybody's accents! and it's great to hear what you sound like :) your accent is very unique, (it sounds a bit australian! hehe)

Regina Leah said...

This was such a powerful and intense post. I loved seeing the expressive portraits and reading the different definitions of love afterwards. Their answers sometimes surprised me. Really beautiful.

Tallia said...

These are really amazing photos!

little henry lee said...

this is such a great idea, i love that you made a video about it as well, it's always interesting to hear how different people interpret love, it's just about the most complex thing thing that humans can comprehend.