March 8, 2013

this week.

hello lovelies! :) i'm glad to be back blogging again. these are images from this week, i've been feeling quite inspired!
"He filled my heart, I did my best.
But without the sun, I'm only shadows in a dress.
'Cause if the full moon comes, our love is done,
So forever, towards dawn, we run."

-"Werewolf Heart" by Dead Man's Bones
 8/52 "to be happy" on flickr
"Please don't tell anyone this, but I want to be happy."
this image was inspired by the quote above said by Lena Dunham on Girls. i don't know why i felt so deeply moved by it but i did. perhaps it's such raw, honest and simple truth and emotion or perhaps i felt such a closeness to that scene when she said it. the fading/fast-paced butterflies represent how nothing is ever constant, life is fleeting. (but we will be happy again, we will. it's quintessential to remember that.)

"all in white" on flickr
(something lighter!) with my littlest baby, Busby. this is also part of an ongoing photo project that i'm doing involving all four of my pets :) view the project so far here.
"alone" on flickr
this was taken this evening! i had this image by Oliver Charles stuck in my mind for a few days now and i was listening to "Reconsider" by The xx which had these lines;
"Did you lie awake like I did?
I stayed up till the stars didn't recognise me."
which i thought fit the concept well. :)
recently, i've not been feeling very confident about the images i've been creating, especially since i'm just only trying my hand at conceptual/fine art photography. the worry about what others would think of my work is always there at the back of my mind, nagging me. but i'm slowly beginning to realize that art and creating is all about how i feel about it. it all comes down to me believing in myself, what i do and the image that i'm creating, the inspiration behind it. i really hope to feel more confident about my work in the future and maybe even completely let go of this cloud of worry that's always hovering in my mind. it's always scary trying something new, never knowing what to expect. but i accept this as a way of transitioning to a different style of photography than what i'm used to, but one that i'm incredibly fascinated with and through which i hope i would grow more than ever both as an artist and as a person.
i hope that you are all well and happy, wherever you are in the world. i'm sending all you my love and happy thoughts because you all deserve it! xxx


Farrah said...

Wow these are amazing!!! You're very talented!!

kimberley hill said...

I absolutely ADORE the first image. it is so so lovely! this is a wonderful realisation for you to come to - it makes me so happy that you are enjoying this journey ♥

Macha said...

In love with the first one! Don't know wether it's the coulours, the pose, the outfit, maybe all of them ;) Intense and peaceful at the same time, and you look lovely :)
How I envy you for having the time to experiment!

little henry lee said...

glad to hear you're growing more and more confident with your photography, it's the only way to develop your own style so experimenting and trying different things will only help you grow. :)