April 19, 2013

a story from my dreams.

(this image was inspired by a memory of someone telling me that i reminded them of bokeh and Bon Iver)

this is my first time that i've properly gotten inspiration for creating images from my dreams. all the times before this that i've dreamed of images, they've slipped away from me though i had thought that my mind had strong grips on them. it was painfully sad, like nostalgia because i thought it felt like losing some of my memories and that was the very reason why i had started photographing in the first place, two years ago. i am, will probably always be fearful of losing my memories of people, places and things that have gone to past.

anyhow, i just wanted to share these dreams because they are so beautiful and i never thought my subconscious could ever produce such beautiful dreams.
last night i had dreams of a stunning, enthralling, incomplete fairytale. it was of a story somewhat like a cross between The Hunger Games' ridiculous colourful, extravagant get-ups and The Lord of the Rings, i swear it was so beautiful.
there were three main characters that i remember of; all three were women. one was afraid of another one of them. the one who was afraid had short, curly, pink hair, clown-ish makeup and a short white dress with hot pink trimming down the middle of it. when she ran through the forest, pink bits fell from her and left a trail on the carpet of green moss. the colours were so alive and the contrast between the two was lovely. all i could think of was that maybe bits of her rabbit-heart were falling behind because she was so filled with fear.
the other woman was like a queen of the earth, the forest and all natural beings. she was beautiful, enchanting and fearfully fascinating. she had dark hair and a black or white dress, i don't quite remember but her hair was full of flowers. glitter bathed over her like a light, very sheer fabric, some on her skin and some in her hair. she kind of reminded me of Galadriel; majestic, beautiful and yet she scared me a little because of her power.
it was so odd because i've never felt this way before, nor anything remotely close to it. she reminded me of both the light and dark parts of one's soul. she was riding in a horse-drawn carriage.
the third woman was almost still as a statue. she had wild blond hair that curls, waves and flows past her shoulders. she was wearing a blue gown that was absolutely ethereal. the fabric flowed and floated out to either sides of her like she was a goddess that belonged to the oceans. but she was standing in the woods and i photographed her.
and then i drifted to that place between dreaming and being awake where Peter Pan told Wendy he'd be thinking of her.
if i had dreams like these every night, i probably wouldn't be as fascinated and in awe of it like i am now.
i would make no promises because i hate making promises when it comes to photography but i will try my very best and i will work so hard to make these women from this dream story come to life.


stephanie thy. said...

if your dreams are this beautiful, then your pictures inspired by your dreams are even more the beautiful!

kimberley hill said...

you are beautiful tasha, and so is your imagination. I love dreams like this. keep creating lovely work, it is so heartwarming! ♥

little henry lee said...

that sounds like an incredible dream! i never remember mine at all but i hope you're able to recreate it the way you picture it in your mind. :)

little henry lee