April 10, 2013


hello! :) so i had a wonderful shoot with my gorgeous friend, Michelle who does ballet. she's one of the best models to work with! i hardly need to direct her poses and she is always so graceful and poised. i'm now thoroughly convinced that dancers are always incredibly good in front of the camera!

thank you to Michelle who agreed to let me photograph her for the second time! ;)
check out the photos from our first shoot here if you've not seen them.


Macha said...

this is wonderful, tasha!
loved the gap between the elegant poses and the urban backgrounds.
number 7 is oh so powerful, you two make a very inspirational dynamic duo!

Hanna said...

These pictures are truly wonderful. I've been really bad at commenting lately, but I think your photography is evolving in a very interesting and stunning way, and I love that I get to follow it. Take care, dearest Tasha.

kimberley hill said...

beautiful photos! the lines are stunning. this is why I love to work with dancers too - they always look exquisite! <3

stephanie thy. said...

oh these are gorgeous! she has such graceful poses
number 7 is my personal favourite as well. is looks as though she's floating on water

Regina Leah said...

i really love the contrast between her elegance and the cityscape. number 7 is perfection in every way. the composition is brilliant.

little henry lee said...

great photos! and i'm definitely impressed with your friends flexibility too.

little henry lee

Muffin said...

Hey Tasha! I always like viewing your blog and photos :) Love the silhouette of number 6!

Yernie Yip said...

Oh my gosh, the swimming pool shot! Beautiful.