April 1, 2013


1994 on flickr

"1994: the year you were born."
this is the third image in my photo series inspired by the film "Stoker" which you can view here. for this image, i wanted to somewhat recreate one of my favourite scenes from the film. Uncle Charlie slides his glass of wine across the table to India and says the line, "1994: the year you were born." which the director, Park Chan-Wook included as a "nod" to his daughter who was also born in that same year. :)

blossoming on flickr

"This is me. Just as a flower does not choose its colour, we are not responsible for what we have come to be. Only once you realize this do you become free. And to become adult is to become free."

fourth piece in my Stoker-inspired series, a longing to be completed. i should add that those are actually white flowers but i painted/splattered them with red watercolour!

half of a pair on flickr

this is my fifth image in the photo series, "a longing to be completed" based on the film "Stoker". i love how the key was symbolic in the film and especially how it was first presented; concealed in yellow tissue paper and in a shoebox far too large for it that was held together with a delicate yellow ribbon.

thanks to my friend, Michelle, for agreeing to model for me and putting up with my photo ideas!! <3>

12/52 "sister fire" on flickr

i've had this idea in my head all week and i've always wanted to do an image that portrays the special bond between sisters. i also knew that i wanted to do something nice with my cousins, Sabrina and Chloe who are visiting from Melbourne and so this happened! :)
it's not flawless but i'm quite proud of it and it means a lot to me.

hello! :) ah, so last week has been very productive, photography-wise and i'm happy! i was back at my hometown for the weekend and needless to say, i was feeling content with all of my family there and the delicious food.

i think my favourite photo i've created in the past week is my 12/52 photo, "sister fire". it means a whole lot to me as i have always been fascinated with the bond between sisters. i'd like to thank all of those who have given me such positive, wonderful feedback on this piece! :)

have a great week, everyone! x


Janice said...

Oh my gosh, these photographs are gorgeous!!! My favourite is Sister Fire too - such a simple yet powerful concept. Love it so much, keep it up! xx

Jane said...

The first one does look like a film still! I'm really really keen to see Stoker, it looks interesting and I'd probably be able to fully understand your Stoker series.

kimberley hill said...

beautiful work tasha! it has been an absolute joy to see your work continue to develop and improve. these latest images are truly lovely pieces of art ♥

little henry lee said...

great photos, i love how carefully you've edited them, you can see the love you've put in. i think blossoming is my favourite. :)

Regina Leah said...

wow, the amount of emotion and strength or vulnerablity these radiate just fascinates me. these are masterpieces.

moira said...

'sister fire' is magical! all your pictures are wonderful actually xmoira

Arielle Domb said...

You are so talented. Every single photo has so much meaning and depth and are so breathtakingly beautiful. I think 'sister fire' is my favorite here