July 20, 2013


(terrible out-of-focus photo of them but i love it)

i had one of the best nights tonight, one of the best that i've had in a long, long time! i had a night out with some of my high school friends, who, i (sadly) don't see very much of anymore because we are scattered all over, with some attending university overseas and whatnot.

we spent an hour packed in the car getting to Ikea because of the crazy rush hour traffic but we had so much fun and hilarious moments (too many for one hour), it felt like it flew past so quickly. we ate, explored, ran around and trawled around stores. the scents of stolen spritzes of perfumes from Victoria's Secret mingling with that of the air around us, conversation consumed us and laughter spilling from us. we walked all over in the bookstore looking through almost all the genre sections, giggled at funny titles, wrinkled our noses at overpriced books and played with the music box. my hands and fingers were sticky from ice-cream and sweet things and the humid night air. we laughed so much (probably far too loudly but who really cares when you're having fun with friends), did silly things and had one of us trolley-ride in the carpark. my cheeks, throat and stomach ached from talk and laughter and i thought to myself that my heart couldn't contain anymore contentment and happiness. the humid, mossy-scented night air that had made our hair so windswept and messy was disturbed only slightly by our voices, hollering hello's and goodnight's to strangers and quite terrible singing. it felt like we had eaten so much and i'm not sure whether it's food that has filled our stomachs or the fullness from laughing and being so happy.

right now i'm sitting in bed typing this and feeling so tired and full (but so happy) and still giddy from the leftover happy high. i'm glad that at one point tonight i realized the importance of feeling happy for now, for the time we still have to be us and together before the inevitable parting that we all dread and know is looming. the pessimist in me couldn't help peeking out and wondering if (but at the same time knowing that) more fun nights like this will come for me in the future, but it will be a different kind of fun with different friends in a different place; fun with friends you love is incomparable. these are friends who have known me since i was a child, young and naive in school, and know me now (still young and naive) as the person that i am growing and blossoming into.

"There is a certain part of all of us that lives outside of time. Perhaps we become aware of our age only at exceptional moments and most of the time we are ageless."
-Milan Kundera

"Sure, everything is ending ... but not yet."
-"A Visit from the Goon Squad" by Jennifer Egan

have a great weekend, all of you xxx


Anatomia duszy. said...

I love the bokeh on the first one. :)

kimberley hill said...

I miss these moments - I've only had a few of them in my life, but I will always cherish them. my school path was bumpy and inconsistent and as a result, I never had many close friends. enjoy it, always. there is no such thing as being too old ♥
(beautiful photos by the way, the blurry ones always tend to be the most special!)

Jane said...

I love the bokeh of the first picture as well! Sounds like you had a lovely night out. Fun with new friends is great and exciting and you grow to love them too but there is definitely something about the bond you have with the people you grew up with, so I understand.

Yi Lin T said...

So wonderful to read about you being so happy!! And aahhh, the bokeh in the top photo! xx

Louise said...

I'm so happy you had such a good night. I can't help it but I always grow a bit sad when I hear or see people about their time they spend with old friends. I hardly have any old friends because I moved around a lot in my childhood and people seem to forget when you're not around as much and I am a forgetful person. So I envy you, please treasure these moments with all your heart if you can. I'm happy to hear you're so grateful for your old friends. :) - oh and, the bokeh in the first picture is beautiful, yes.

Bahar said...

first picture is amazing, it looks like it's raining light!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful. I love the fact that your friends got together and it was like old times. I feel like that when I go back to Georgia to visit my friends from high school. Although we have grown so much (and we're still growing), we're still able to laugh and connect. I cherish that so much, especially since we're in college or working or just living our lives. Your pictures made me smile and I'm so thankful for my friends!

In The World Of Photography Moments Of Life * said...

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