September 25, 2013

hot fuss.

ugh i know these are really bad quality phone photos but i felt that i needed to blog about it!
i attended The Killers concert on Sunday night and it was quite possibly one of the best and most inspiring nights of my life. it was incredible to finally see the band in person after growing up with their music and to be there with my best friends, it was such a fulfilling experience! (and it was my first ever concert haha)

also: Brandon Flowers is divine and so beautiful.

more on my instagram! (username: tasha_faye)



Yi Lin T said...

I'm not sure if this is bad, but I didn't even realise these were iPhone photos until I read what you wrote!! But aaahhh, so lucky that you got to see them perform! Love the photos too :D

Farrah said...

Wow these are phone photos?? Wow, you are a great photographer if you can make photos from a phone look good. The conert looked great The Killers are awesome

Anatomia duszy. said...

The Killers are great! :)

putri soe said...

Seriously, i need to get an iPhone fast because these photos are just too good! I super love the first one btw.

Cheers from Jakarta,

Louise said...

Yes, yes, yes. So wonderful!! Glad you had such a fun time!!