September 15, 2013

dawn goes down to day.

these are from a short shoot that i did with my friend, Serena way back in July when she was back from Canada for a visit. :)

i know that i don't update my blog quite so often anymore so i thought i'd just leave the link to my Facebook photography page so you could all be updated on my new work and everything!! be sure to "like" my page so you'll get updates from time to time :)



Charmaine Chan said...

this is utterly breath taking <3

Ice Pandora said...

Great shots, the last one
is probably my favorite c:

Anatomia duszy. said...

I love the last one, it's incredible :)

little henry lee said...

i love that last photo, the slight fisheye effect looks really lovely and draws your eye to your friend right in the middle of the frame.

little henry lee