March 28, 2012

probability is weak.

i never much appreciated how much emotion is attached to each piece of music and along with that, how much a song or melody reminds us of a person.
and love, i want to be so tired of it so that i wouldn't want it as much as i do right now.


Hanna said...

beautiful photos. number two, six and the last one are my favorites, but they're all lovely. and I'm longing to read that book, as well.

Sue Lyn said...

as always, lovely as ever! <3

ps; how come i dont see you on my blog anymore :( i've missed hearing from you!

Jane said...

Music can conjure up so many memories, I get so nostalgic listening to songs that define a period of my life! I've been meaning to read the Curious Incident but I never seem to think of looking for it at the bookstore/library.

Louise said...

Oh I really love how emotion and feeling is attached to music. But I guess I got your point.

The photos are lovely, and I really like the patterned shoes. Have you already read the Curious Incident of the Dog in the night time?? I thought it was SO GOOD.

galatea. said...

i know what you mean. music is so precious to me as is almost essential to my everyday. i really like that piano photo you have too x

Jenny said...

Great photos and I especially love the 2nd one.

Thats why I love music so much: a reminder of a particular person, a period in your life and whenever you hear that song, it brings you right back to that person/time.

Your last words made my heart break as I know the feeling x