May 8, 2012

Gold Coast iii

this is a really long one! :) photos from when we went to Sea World on the third day. lucky the weather was starting to look up! 
they deflated Spongebob's town a few minutes after i took this photo haha
hehe sea lions are the most adorable creatures
touching stingrays! gave me shivers down my spine
love me some dolphins!
me by T
choppy night waves at Surfers' Paradise


*Daniëlle said...

Beautiful pictures:D


Yernie Yip said...

Your instax photos & new header are loooove!
And oh my god, the sea animals are too cute <3

Jane said...

I loved Sea World! The nighttime beach picture is my fave though. And your new header is lovely!

galatea. said...

what an amazing trip this must have been for you! is this in australia or malaysia? nevertheless, it looks like a wonderful place to be in. i really like the inflatable sponge bob town. would have gone crazy if i saw that in person xx

Louise said...

These are stunning, I love sea creatures and I adore that Bikini Bottom on the rocks.

And, seriously, I love love love your header! :D

Sewon said...

Ohh I've always wanted to visit Australia. It looks like you're having a blast!

Ice Pandora said...

Ahhh, this amusementpark
looks so much fun! I
love watching sea
And how amazingly
made of that Spongebob


skeletaldreams said...

Beautiful photos! It looks like so much fun.
I know it's been a while and you may not remember my blog, but I wanted to thank you for your kind comment :)

skeletal dreams x

v said...

there's a composition about your photos which make them feel just right. Lovely pictures! :) xx

Parizad. said...

those sea lions are so cool!