July 23, 2012

remedial chaos theory.

i met with Stefanie again while she is still in K.L! :)
i was reminded how to explore and had much-needed photography fun. Stefanie is such a beautiful, lovely, creative, fun, kind person and i'm so glad to have been able to meet her in real life! :) i think it's quite normal to be a little apprehensive at first to meet somebody you've only known online but when we met, i felt like i've known her already. we're so much alike and i felt almost like we were kindred spirits. :)

i hope you enjoy these photographs! (we found this spot near my neighbourhood and climbed down from higher ground to get there. all because of a pretty, old and floral chair which we dragged out from under the staircase.)


Kasia Skowron said...

TASHA! these photos are MARVELOUS!
2rd and 6th are great!
but 7th took my breath away *.*

Evia said...

They're adorable ! You're really talented ^.^
Evia x

arttu said...

the first photo is so beautiful! xx

Pagli Rajkonna said...

The series is beautiful.. love the innocent beauty of it :)

galatea. said...

1. your short-haired friend is absolutely stunning and makes such a good model

2. love your b&w soo romantic xx

Karolina said...

Wow, these photos are beautiful!

Regina Leah said...

My absolute favourite Series you've taken. These are outstandingly beautiful.

Also I wanted to present your blog on mine (because I honestly want more people to see your lovely work) and would it be okay for you if I saved some photos of yours to include them into the post?