May 20, 2013


"autumn" on flickr 
(this was my first time ever seeing a proper autumn tree!)

i'm still alive, yes! just been away to Melbourne for a couple of weeks. here are photos from my first two days there! :)

i've been back home in Malaysia for less than a day now but my heart aches to go back to Melbourne already (or to go for more travels). it was such an amazing home away from home and most definitely the best time i've spent travelling/away from home.



stephanie thy. said...

these photos look amazing! i love the street shots, especially the one of the elderly couple walking away.
it's so amazing to see what melbourne city looks like from another perspective :)

Kasia Skowron said...

Melbourne? yay! great photos T. i love the one with the girl and roses !

marietudorphoto said...

Amazing photos especially those trees and flowers!

kimberley hill said...

beautiful photos tash! it looks like you've had a wonderful time away ♥

little henry lee said...

beautiful photos! melbourne is such a great city, i've been a few times in the last year because one of my best friends moved there and now i have someone to stay with and a reason to go there to visit her. i'm glad you had such a great time and i'm looking forward to seeing more photos from your trip!

Jane said...

Good to see you're back! These pictures are lovely, Melbourne is such a nice city. Definitely a better choice than Sydney haha.