September 7, 2013

dark paradise.


a little shoot i did about a month back with my friend April and we collaborated/met with Daniel Adams!! :) check out Daniel's work here! he is genuinely such a great, funny, talented person (and such a fantastically supportive friend!!). it was awesome to finally meet up with him. :)

it was such a perfect day and i remember feeling just so happy; the light, fizzy kind of happy. definitely the best way to spend my last days being of 18!

i am endlessly grateful for all the people i have met and bonded with through photography. it began as a mere hobby of mine and as i fell more and more in love with it, it gave me a whole new reason to live again. it somewhat saved my life by pulling me out of a dark, strange place that surely every person has come across. honestly, being able to find something you love doing, that fills you with so much light, excitement, love and passion can make you feel so alive. i am reminded of this everytime i create something that i'm happy with/proud of. the tremendous support from my family, friends and strangers from all over the world is probably my main source of motivation and keeps me going. i have learned so much and gotten to know so many people from the world over whom i have grown to love.

thank you all so much. (i hope you could know even half of the gratitude i feel; words can never be enough)

"Oh, I'm grand. I'm on a roller coaster that only goes upmy friend."
-John Green


Anatomia duszy. said...

Incredible, the last two are my fav :)

Ice Pandora said...

This Daniel Adams sure has
some great photography skills!
Great shots! The location
is also beautiful c: Xx

Mollie said...

The lighting in these images, and the colours from the leaves and surroundings, is so pretty! You guys did a lovely job together.