September 27, 2012

the jar of missed opportunities.

 i didn't even know it was possible for anybody to sleep so cute.

my first *three attempts at the Brenizer method! there are a couple of photos using this method in my previous post, try spotting them ;)

 the cutest little boy who said, "meow" when i took a photo of him :)

 i love having babies gripping tightly on my fingers

 yay, H&M is finally in Malaysia!!!

 she talking about her problems while i photographed the sunset and silhouettes 

the most awe-inspiring skies i've seen in so long.

i apologize for such huge amounts of photographs in one go! i can't help it and i really want to share these with all of you (some of the loveliest and most beautiful moments i've experienced lately).

and a poem!

The last time you came to see me
there were anchors in your eyes,

hardback books in your posture.
You were the five star general of sureness,
a crisp white tuxedo of a man.

I was fiddling with my worn coat pockets,
puffing false confidence ghosts in the cold January air.

My hands were shitty champagne flutes
brimming with cheap merlot.
I couldn’t touch you without ruining you,
so I didn’t touch you at all.

It’s when you’re on the brink of something
that you lose your balance.

You told me that once.
When I can’t bring myself to say what I need to,
my heart plays Russian Roulette with my throat.
I swear I fired that night, but, nothing.

Someday, I’ll show you the bullet I had for you,

after time has done the wash.

I’ll take it out of the jar of missed opportunities.
We’ll hold it up to the light.
You’ll roll it around your mouth like a fallen tooth.
You won’t forgive me exactly,
but we’ll laugh about how small it is.
We’ll wonder how such a little thing
could ever have meant so much.

— “All I Have To Say For Myself” by Mindy Nettifee


Dilan Dilir said...

the photos are just perfect!

Hanna said...

what a wonderful poem (and great photos, as always!!)

Macha said...

The first sleeping dog is toooo lovely!! With its little tongue appearing from behind its fangs. Adorable!
Loving the little boy too, his eyes are incredibly cute!
And I loved the skies at the end, marvellous colours and clouds.
You shouldn't apologize for posting so much photographs, it's always a real pleasure to watch them ;)

Yernie Yip said...

Photo 3, 5, 9, and the first sunset photo- gaaaah im in love! Also, that photo of you with the lights, absolutely beautiful. Are they from ikea? :)

kimi said...

beautiful photographs!! I love the photos of the baby holding the toy and the sky shots are incredible (as always!) ♥

lchouw said...

great photos!! love the cute sleeping dogs so much~~

canvasofculture said...

your photos are so beautiful! I love how crisp the quality is, and how you capture the little moments in life:) that "meow" boy is so cute! great blog

little henry lee said...

really beautiful photos, especially the ones of the two dogs, they're so cute!

little henry lee

Naomi Wayne said...

amazing pictures! the boy is so cute!

circleofchaos said...

Beautiful all.^^
Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
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Anh said...

These photos are absolutely beautiful! I love it how you can capture the little things and turn it into a gem, like sleeping dogs and the fiery sunset :)

Adiba said...

gosh, tasha! i absolutely love your photos! the last two took my breath away! my mum loves them too! :)